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Hotbox Info

Hotbox Info

Asphalt hotboxs are used in utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance and are especially useful in dealing with potholes on roads, car parks, doorways, driveways across the country.

Our units are designed to keep your material in a workable and in specification state for extended periods of time. Thus performing a permanent repair first time every time.

All box’s are thermostatically controlled, these can be adjusted by the hirer with nothing more than a couple of button presses.

Storage Chamber

All models have twin storage chambers. This allows for the user to carry two different material types. This provides the user with he ability to perform a permanent repair in situations such as:

  • Trench Reinstatement
  • Small Driveways
  • Drop crossings
  • Patching
Tipping Gear

Our boxes feature integrated tipping gear powered by an electric controlled hydraulic tipper motor. The motor assembly has built in check valves to ensure the unit could not drop should there be a hydraulic leak. The power supply is a dedicated battery supply from the burner power unit to ensure the box can still be tipped regardless of the temperature. During maintenance there is a fixed body stay fitted to the chassis.

Integrated Lighting

As a lot of our customers use our boxes in road maintenance environments, we have ensured all trailers have amber beacons fitted which can be controlled from the cab of the towing vehicle without the need for additional wiring.

Should the units be needed for night working environments, we have fitted high output low power consumption LED work lights. These enable operatives to perform potholing solutions within a 20m radius of the rear of the unit with optimum task lighting. These are controlled from the main control board on the back of the trailer. These are another feature fitted with the user in mind.

The integrated trailer lighting systems are all 12/24v led units. This allows the trailer to be towed using either a standard 3.5t towing capacity vehicle or an HGV without the need to change the bulbs.


With a range topping capacity of 2.0-2.5 tonnes, you can make the most of a full 3.5tonne gross towing limit.


Our Asphalt hotbox’s fulfil two major major targets for OLR Services Ltd.

Environmental sustainability:

By using our hotbox’s, you have the ability to reduce wastage by keeping material in a usable state for longer. This allows the same batch of material to be used for multiple jobs. Thus, less material disposed of as it cools below a workable state.

One of our key sustainability targets is to reduce our carbon footprint through waste reduction within our own works and that of others.

Carbon Footprint:

Our box’s are heated using the latest in burner technology. We have both Diesel and Gas burner units. The units are configured to the optimum diesel/air mixture and gas equivalent. A gas fired unit for example will use 0.2kg of gas per hour when in full burn.

All boxes are thermostatically controlled. This allows the units to switch onto pilot mode when the required internal temperature is achieved. The smart controller will then reactivate the burner when there is a drop of 5oC in temperature. This keeps an efficient heating cycle using less fuel of either source.

Our efficient heating systems in conjunction with reduced wastage aids the reduction in the users carbon footprint.

If your require any further information or to arrange a hire, please contact us.