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Hot Box Hire

At OLR Services, we offer nationwide towable hot box hire to the United Kingdom.

Our trailer drawn hotbox units with a payload capacity to 2 – 2.5t (model dependant) are designed to give our clients a low cost material delivery system that keeps your product within its design parameters for an extended period of time. 

Hot Box Selection

Whether you’re looking for propane gas heating systems, diesel heating systems, manual or digital temperature control,  or any other feature desired in your asphalt hotbox hire, we have models to choose from. It’s not always easy to know which type or size would be most suited to your project, which is why our expert staff can inform you if you’re unsure which hot box would best suit you. Our hot box selection includes tipping bodies for the most efficient way to complete your job. Should you require further information on Specifications or advice, don’t hesitate to Contact Us at OLR Services.

Want to know more about the benefits of Asphalt Hotboxes, please click below

More Info

Asphalt hotboxs are used in utility, civil engineering, municipal and highway maintenance and are especially useful in dealing with potholes on roads, car parks, doorways, driveways across the country.

Here are three reasons to choose one of our tarmac hotbox range –

  1. Our hotboxes are extremely low maintenance making them the reliable choice.
  2. If you’re using our asphalt hotboxes for domestic projects, they allow you to install asphalt on any shape of the driveway
  3. A strong, flexible and durable material, asphalt doesn’t break, crack or wear down quickly