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Investing in Quality Plant, to Achieve Quality Results

Investing in Quality Plant, to Achieve Quality Results

The importance of new and up to date equipment should be a crucial element to any business. With this in mind, we have just took delivery of a new Mecalac MBR71 Roller.

This new model has benefits from:

  • More ergonomic operator controls. This reduces fatigue on the operator and reduces HAVS exposure levels. The additional handle surround guards prevent a crush risk to the operators hands.
  • Electronic parking brake on the operator control arm. This ensures travel movement is prohibited prior to the operator releasing their grip.
  • Lower db levels through an improved engine design.
  • More efficient engine resulting in less fuel consumption and reduced emission outputs.
  • Plastic water tank to reduce the likelihood of freezing in cold weather conditions.

OLR understand the need for high quality tools and invest heavily in making sure that our full inventory is continually refreshed.

We pride ourselves on providing a first quality service. A critical factor in achieving this is a continual plant and machinery investment program.